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cell: (+49) (0)172 517 91 25

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44300 Nantes
Cell in France: (33) 6 79 70 87 76
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Born in 1958 in West Germany; raised in Germany and Italy (to 1963), in the San Francisco Bay Area (to 1971), in Paris, France (to 1976), in Arizona (to 1978), in Germany (to 1982), in Paris till 2005, currently living in Hamburg, Germany.
He started his career behind the camera in 1978 as camera-assistant, and then acquired experience in dubbing and unit and production management before he became assistant director. In 1995 he created CARAVAN PRODUCTIONS, a production services company for foreign productions in France. He now continues to work on fiction as a 1st AD and has directed his first documentary feature and several music & dance programs.
Languages: French, English and German fluently, knowledge in Italian and Spanish.
He knows France, Germany,California and Arizona well for having lived there for many years.

Michael was raised by professional musicians and was brought up surrounded by classical and ethnic music. His years in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley from 1963 to 1971 exposed him to Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Jazz, hence influencing his musical taste. He periodically studied classical piano with his mother Karin Brown, and classical guitar with his father Robin Brown. He also studied piano and music theory at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In 1976, he began learning Flamenco guitar at the Del Oro Conservatory in Tempe, Arizona, and has performed with his father and various Flamenco dance companies.
From 1978 to 1982, during his camera apprenticeship, he studied percussion (congas) with the Curaçaoan percussionist Elmer Louis, and performed frequently live and in studio with Latin pop and jazz bands. Today, Michael is a music lover and assiduous musician, although with no claims to a musical career. Musictakes a predominant place in his daily life, and it has become an ineluctable element of his cinematographic activities.

From 1978 to 1982, he was trained as 16 and 35 mm cameraman at the Atelier Plogstedt in Stuttgart, West Germany (institutional, documentary and advertising films, specialized in animation and model-endoscopy).
From 1982 to 1985, he directed the dubbing and post-sync department at Télétota in Paris, France.
From 1985 to 1995, he worked as unit manager, production manager and assistant director on institutional and documentary films, as well as countless television and cinema feature productions, and continues to work today as translator and speaker for audiovisual programs (dubbing, voice-over and sub-titles).
Since 1995, he has been 1st assistant director for cinema and television features many of which shot in foreign countries. Michael has recently produced and directed a feature-length music documentary film “My Father, his Flamenco, and I”, a coming ground-breaking 2-hour DVD “Petenera – a Flamenco Drama in Music and Dance” and is working on projects for fiction and documentary films as well as live music and dance camera relay productions.


Activities: 1st AD, unit manager, production manager, line producer:
„Aap Kaa Surroor – the Moviee“, Bollywood feature film by Prashant Chadha, prod. By HIMESH RESHAMMIYA MOVIE CULTURE -
Mumbai, shot on location in Germany, int’l release scheduled for July 2007 (1st AD).
„Doppelter Einsatz – Nackte Angst“ by Marcus Weiler, Prod. STUDIO-HAMBURG, RTL 2006 (1st AD)
„Doktor Martin“ TV-Serie (4 x45’) by Markus Imboden, Prod. PHOENIX FILM , Berlin, ZDF 2006 (1st AD)
“Mutterglück”: TV-feature by Christian Görlitz, for n.d.F. Hamburg / NDR (German television), 2005
“Ferienarzt auf Capri”: TV-feature (on location Italy) by Stefan Bartmann for Polyphon (Germany) / ZDF, 2004
“Betrayal in Paradise”: double TV-feature (180’ on location Barbados) by Stefan Bartmann for Polyphon (Germany) / ZDF, 2004
“Bear’s Kiss”: cinema fueature by Sergei Bodrov, prod. Pandora Film (Cologne), 2001
“Girls on Top (Mädchen, Mädchen)”: cinema feature by D. Gansel, prod. OLGA-FILM (Munich), 2000.
“Capellari VII”: TV-feature by Ch. Görlitz, prod. MODERN MEDIA (Munich), ZDF, 2000.
“Anwalt Abel”: telefilm (2 x 90’) by Ch. Görlitz, prod. TV 60 (Munich), ZDF, 2000.
“Gran Paradiso”: cinema feature by Miguel Alexandre, prod. LETTERBOX (Hamburg), 1999
“Das gestohlene Leben” (Stolen Life): TV-feature by Ch. Görlitz, prod. N.D.F. (Hamburg), ZDF, 1999
“Preis der Sehnsucht” (The Price of Nostalgia): TV-feature by Ch. Görlitz, prod. N.D.F. (Hamburg), ARD / SWR 1999
“Bella Block” (Geflüsterte Morde) - TV-feature by Ch. Görlitz, prod. OBJECTIV FILM (Hamburg), ZDF / Arte, 1998
“Das Biest im Bodensee”: TV-feature by Richard Huber, prod. BAVARIA (Munich), RTL / M6, 1998
"Einsatz Hamburg Süd": TV-series (12 x 45' ) by various directors, prod. MONACO FILM (Hamburg) , ZDF, 1997 & ‘98.
"Das Böse" (Evil): TV-feature by Ch. Görlitz, prod. N.D.F.-WEST (Cologne/Hamburg), ZDF / Arte 1997
"Der König" (The King): 2 x 90’ TV-features by Ch. Görlitz, prod. F&S / N.D.F. (Munich), SAT-1, 1996 & 1997 (1st AD)
"Freier Fall" TV-feature by Ch. Görlitz, prod. N.D.F. (Hamburg), ZDF / Arte, 1996.
"Crash Kids": TV-feature by Petra Haffter, prod. DANIEL ZUTA PROD (Wiesbaden), NDR / Arte, 1996
"Inseln Unter dem Wind" (The Wayward Islands): series by Marco Serafini, prod. ATF (Hamburg), ZDF, 1995
"Grosse Freiheit": TV-Pilot by Ch. Görlitz, prod. MULTIMEDIA (Hamburg), ZDF, 1995.
"The Belmonts": 2-part TV-feature by D. Rönfeld, prod. N.D.F. (Hamburg), ZDF, 1994.
"Die Bombe Tickt (Countdown)": TV-feature (4x45') by Thorsten Näter, prod. N.D.F. (Hamburg), ZDF, 1993
"Marie's Lied": cinema feature by Niko Brücher, prod. PALLADIO FILM PRODUKTION (Cologne)., 1993
"Salt on Our Skin": cinema feature by Andrew Birkin, prod. NEUE CONSTANTIN, 1991.
"Un Cane Sciolto": TV-feature by Giorgio Capitani, prod. FILMALPHA-ROMA / TORII PROD., RAI / FRANCE-2 1991.

Activities: unit & production management, translations and sub-titles.
“Sorrow Love Song” live multi-cam relay for Kubilai Khan Investigations contemporary dance theatre in Paris, France for DVD & TVbroadcast, (directed, edited and co-produced) 2005
“PETENERA – a Flamenco Drama in Music and Dance” live multi-cam relay work at Kendall-Jackson Theatre, Santa Rosa, CA for DVD & int’l TV-broadcast (directed, edited and co-produced) 2004-2007
“Wetten Das...?” Live TV-Special with Thomas Gottschalk from Disneyland Resort Paris, (production manager) for ZDF, 2002
"La Bayadère": HDTV-relay at the Opera of Paris directed by A.. Tarta, (prod.- manager) BEL-AIR PROD., Arte / FR3 / SWF, 1994.
"Picasso and Dance": HDTV recording by Yvon Gérault, (prod. –manager) for CAMERAS CONTINENTALES, NHK / Arte 1993
“Ozeanflug” (The Flight of Charles Lindberg): by Jean François Jung, (sub-titling) for INA, LA 7 / WDR, 1993
"Swan Lake": HDTV relay at the Opéra Bastille by A. Tarta, (unit manager) BEL-AIR PROD., FRANCE-2 1992
“Birgit Nilsson - Master class”: by Thierry Thomas, (sub-titling) for INA, LA 7 / FRANCE 3, 1989.
"Hildegard Behrens - Portrait": by Peter Adam, (prod. –manager) for POLYPHON (Hamburg) in Paris, ZDF / BBC, 1987.

Activities: Unit & production management.
“My Father, his Flamenco, and I”: 74’ music-documentary (director), prod. Grenade Productions-Flamenco Arts-Michael Brown, 2004
"Verlaine": 45' by Birgitta Ashoff, prod. SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK, ARD / SR ,1993.
"Simone Weill - Portrait": 45' by Evelyne Schels, prod. BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK (Munich) ARD / BR, 1993.
"The Père Lachaise Cemetery": 45' by Evelyn Schels, prod. SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK. ARD / SR, 1993.
"The Botanical Gardens": 45' by Evelyn Schels, prod. SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK. ARD / SR, 1991.
"Nina Hagen’s Paris": 45' by Richard Huber, prod. SYNERGY-CALIGARI, RTL 1991.
"Luc Bondy - Portrait": 45' by Evelyn Schels, prod. SÜDWESTFUNK (Baden-Baden) ARD / SWF 1990.
"Claude Vigée - Portrait": 45' by Hans Emmerling, prod. SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK, ARD / SR 1989.
"Jean Tinguely": 90' by Peter Leippe, prod. MÄRZFILM (Hamburg), ZDF, 1989.
"Franz Liszt": docu-fiction 60' by Klaus Lindemann, prod. ASPEKT TELEFILM (Hamburg), ZDF, 1988.
"Meeting Lawrence Durrell": 100’ by Peter Leippe, prod. ASPEKT TELEFILM (Hamburg), ZDF / ORF 1986.


Activities: 1st AD, production management.
“Tchibo”: TV-spot, prod. HELLIVENTURES (Munich), 2000
"Saint Albray": TV-spot, prod. PRODUCTION INT'L (Germany) & CHAUMES (France). 1996
"The Magic of Gold": TV and Cinema spot by Jean-Marie Perier, prod. CARAVAN PRODUCTION / WORLD GOLD COUNCIL, 1996

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